THE GROUND FLOOR designs and produces art exhibitions, events, and experiences in unique environments promoting new and innovative creative people working in all media. 
Our purpose is to create intentional culture that generates a sense of wellness and belonging in community. We bring art into everyday life to provoke thoughts, exchange, and acquisition. We connect cities, citizens, collectors, patrons, and the press to emerging and established creatives.  

Jesse Levesque is a Director, Producer, & Curator
Jesse specializes in creating art exhibitions, events, and experiences in unique environments for a variety of clients.  She has consulted for non-profit organizations, for-profit startups, government agencies, cities, private and public schools.  Former clients include several organizations focusing on working with artists to catalyze inclusion and social change, multiple cities developing new cultural policies and creative opportunities for citizens in the public realm, and schools in the process of designing new curricular offerings.

Jesse received her B.A. from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, a Filmmaking Degree from the University of Washington in Seattle, and her M.A. from the Hite Art Institute's Critical & Curatorial Studies Program at the University of Louisville.

Jesse provides the following services:
* Building new work environments that artistically reflect mission and branding
* Writing and editing strategic plans that promote inclusion and positive communication 
* Conducting Board of Directors assessments
* Drafting employee and training handbooks
* Grant-writing assistance
* Project management guidance
* Business event production planning and services

Selected Clientele
Revel Wolf Collective
1619 FLUX
Booker Design Collaborative
City of Piqua
Charter for Compassion
Public Art | Louisville
Dublin Arts Council
Gamble Associates
City of Dublin